One year guarantee

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One year guarantee
Property maintenance guarantee from JND

For all installations & repairs!

JND property maintenance guaranteed limited hereby guarantee ALL OUR INSTALLATIONS & REPAIRS for 1 YEAR from the date of completion.

We guarantee for installation faults, malfunction, breakdown and failure of any repair or installation for 1 year from completion.

If a problem arises, we guarantee to put it right – FREE OF CHARGE!

Provided the following requirements have been fulfilled:

  1. The work has been paid for in full.
  2. The customer has registered the job with us (via post) within 1 month of completion.
  3. We find that the item in question has been used correctly and not been abused by the customer. Our decision is final.

This guarantee is transferable provided the new owner registers with us within 1 month (via post) of the change of ownership.


For all your property maintenance and refurbishment needs – with guaranteed peace of mind!
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